Fasting and prayer

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Sing Song Service

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I really cherish the opportunity to lead the Sing Song service.  As a student I have been blessed by the Sing Song service. Today, I am part of the faculty and it continues to bless me. The Sing Song Service is a blessed time for both the faculty and students. The prayers, testimonies, and songs are an assurance of God’s continued presence in the life of our community.DSCN4058

Make something new in my life O lord!


As a deer pants for the waters so my song longs after you



I will never leave you nor forsake you….


The making of Preachers

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SIBS is committed to raising preachers who will ‘boldly’ preach the Word. We have special courses on Preaching and the students have several opportunities to preach during their study.

The courses on preaching and the practice preaching (in the Christu Sevak Samaj and the Christu Vanitha Samaj) helps the students to hone their preaching skills. May God richly bless our students as they learn the art and science of preaching. May the Holy Spirit give spiritual insight and wisdom to bring God’s Word to His people.

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Abbot for helping our students to preach ( ‘Say it well’).







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What did I Miss?

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Theology must help increase our passion, compassion and action. Theology must cease to be verbal gymnastics. A play of words that mean nothing to most people. Rather, it must be a reflection of faith. It must flow out of deep devotion to God. It must find creative expression so that it helps ordinary believers in their everyday faith.  You  could enroll at the seminary and study theology. But, reading books, writing assignments and passing exams is not everything. You could be A+ and still be hopeless. How do we get PASSION? How do we get COMPASSION? What would fire our ACTION? Well… all of this is caught not taught! You could be finishing this year and still be saying, ” I went to seminary and all I got was a degree”. Faith is made, it cannot be ready-made. You could be so near and yet so far. Being in the garage doesn’t make you a car. Does it?

Campus Sunday School

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-  Alemchila Imchen (MDiv upgrader Ist year)

Children hold a very unique and special place in God’s design for humanity. Jesus valued children and took time for them.

It’s a privilege to be around with children. Being with children is just amazing. And, I am experiencing this every Sunday at the Campus Sunday School of which I am a part of. Every Sunday the campus kids come to Sunday School. The kids are amazing. They have different talents, interests and so on.

Teaching kids is quite a challenge. For one, the kids are all of different age groups and it is very difficult to get them all participate. Preparing a lesson plan to fit all ages is also quite a formidable task. But, we manage. It’s not that we are experts but we are learning the ropes and hopefully will be able to reach out better in the days to come.

The campus kids have loads of creativity. Not only are we amazed at what the kids can do but we also learn a lot from them.  Teaching children as part of the weekend ministry is the best thing that has happened to me –